Group of Companies

On Site Services

Building and Renovations

SPEC offers services such as building of new houses/buildings and renovating old houses/buildings.

Services include:

1.  Building new houses, where we’ve already got experience in                the following:

  • Extensions to a holiday house in Cannonville, including the renovations of the “old” house.

  • Extensions to offices of SPEC

       o  Build new offices (double & single story units)

       o  Extend concrete flooring and paving in yard

       o  Built new warehouses

       o  Built new double volume “Hardware Store”

  • Different types of houses in a “complex environment” in Despatch:

       o  double story duplex

       o  single story duplex

2.    Other type of structures:

    o  Installed fencing (palisade & vibacrete)

       o  Install all services, like paved roads, water, electricity & sewer lines

3.    Refurbishment projects:

  • Despatch Chimney (monument) refurbishment

       o  Remove old bricks in tower

       o  Install new bricks

       o  Built concrete supports

  • Houses at a dam, which include repairs & painting

       o  1 guesthouse

       o  12 labourer’s houses

  • Townhouses that were totally upgraded from 1960 styles to modern design (8 units)

Control Testing Undertaken:

  • Slump testing?

  • MPa testing