SPEC’s fully enclosed shot blasting booth conforms to environmental specifications(NEMA Aqua Act). It comprises 1080 cubic metres and can accommodate two eight-ton trucks simultaneously. 12,5m long, 8,5m wide and the door (entrance height) is 4,5m.

Abrasive blast cleaning to all ISO standards using all media types:

  • Platinum Slag (Blastrite)
  • Aluminium Oxide (On Request)
  • Plastic Bead (On Request)
  • Garnet (Microblast)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (Sodabrade) (On Request)
  • Wet or dry blast cleaning
  • Needle descaling and chipping
  • Power grinding and brushing

Besides abrasive blasting, SPEC also offers the following surface preparation methods:

  • Degreasing and neutralizing
  • Steam Cleaning
  • High Pressure Washing
  • Pickle and Passivation

Control Testing Undertaken:

  • Climatic (Temperature, Relative Humidity & Dewpoint)
  • Surface Profile (profile gauge, Testex tape)
  • Cleanliness (Tape)
  • Salt Contamination (Weber Reilly, Whatman)
  • Contamination or oil on steel (Water Break Free Test)