Borehole Implementation & Reticulation

SPEC offers complete rehabilitation of Borehole Installation Equipment together with new installations and reticilation, i.e.:

Big contracts undertaken to date include:

  • Jansenville Borehole project,  where the following were done, i.e.:
    • Equip boreholes with new equipment, building of new control rooms and fencing, together with electrical connections
    • Trenching and new piping installations
    • Refurbish brick reservoirs with new pumps and aeration equipment
    • Install flowmeters
  • Phase 1, 2 and 3 for the Amathole District Municipality in the Butterworth & Dutywa districts, where the following were done:
    • Assist with the drilling of new boreholes using a professional sub-contractor
    • Trenching, piping and valve installations
    • Erecting windmills and wind turbines
    • Building new tap stands and install water tanks on stands