Mechanical Maintenance & Rehabilitation

SPEC offers their services in the fields of raw water and sewerage related mechanical installations and refurbishment.


Rebuilding and repair of worn and corroded:

  • Valves, pumps
  • Aerators, Mixers, Scrapers
  • Gearboxes
  • Biological Distributors
  • Silo’s (all types)
  • Filter Systems, channels
  • Sluices (radial, wall, emergency etc), Screens (trash racks)
  • Clarifiers
  • Pipes
  • Platforms and staircases
  • And many more.

Rebuilding of worn shafts and volute(pump) casings using hi-tech ceramic and metal filled epoxies, such as Chesterton(ARC)products


  • Manufacturing & installations of new structures, i.e.:
    • Coffer units (Caissons)
    • Steel platforms & staircases
    • Hand railing
    • Special entrance gates
    • Canal rubbish traps
    • Sluices (wall type)
    • Screens (trash racks)
    • Steel pipes (various sizes)

Control testing undertaken:

  • Pressure test certificates on request
  • X-ray tests on request of all welding (external)