Wastewater Works

SPEC offers complete rehabilitation of sewer treatment works, i.e.:

  • Cleaning of digesters on the inside/outside
  • Rehabilitation of complete digester which include all piping, valves, concrete rehab etc.
  • Biofilter repairs mechanical and civil
  • Humus tank repairs, i.e. bridges, overflow plates, cleaning, piping etc.
  • Inlet works repairs mechanical and civil
  • Refurbishment of lime dosing equipment
  • Repairs to overflow tanks mechanical and civil
  • Primary sludge pump repairs, including tank cleaning, pump/piping repairs
  • Primary settling tanks repairs, i.e. bridges, overflow plates, cleaning, piping etc.
  • Primary splitter box repairs mechanical and civil
  • Scum thickener repairs mechanical and civil
  • Supernatant sump repairs and cleaning mechanical and civil
  • Sludge drying beds cleaning and repairs mechanical and civil.

Other Sewer Treatment Works:

  • Removal of weeds in sludge ponds by mechanical methods.
  • Bring in clay soil to protect the floor of the newly cleaned ponds. Use mechanical rollers to get the correct compaction.
  • Building new bund walls in these ponds to utilize the ponds for smaller units
  • Install handrails around ponds for safety reasons
  • Build concrete walkways around ponds
  • Manufacture and install access walkways all round the treatment works
  • Clean area to WWTW standards

Water Treatment Works

SPEC offers complete rehabilitation of Water treatment works together with new installations, i.e.:

Big contracts undertaken to date include:

  • Sterkstroom WTW – Building a new 1.8 Mega liter package plant from scratch where the “package plant’ section of the plant were outsourced to a specialist Sub-contractor
  • Loerie WTW – Refurbishment and new installations to the following equipment, i.e:
    • Mechanical – main pipeline wrapping, clarifiers, ponds, pumps, pipes etc
    • Civil – clarifiers, ponds, roofs, sealing etc
    • Electrical – clarifiers, control room, HV & MV switchgear, lights etc
  • Debe WTW (current) – Upgrade of the Plant from 3 to 5 Mega liter a day with a package plant extension which include the following:
    • Ponds cleaning & refurbishment
    • Trenching and pipes
    • Buildings refurbish
    • New pump station building
    • Pumps refurbish/replace
    • All civil works and piping towards the package plant
    • Fencing repair/replace & new fencing
    • Build, supply & install Container housing with electrical & plumbing connections